Getting back into basketball card collecting has brought back fond memories or Collecting my favorite Stars as a kid. But there was also a huge learning curve in returning to the hobby. A lot has changed over the past 25 years!

Cards are much more expensive, there are more inserts/parallels and less base cards than we had growing up and it's easy to waste a ton of money (like I did) getting back into the hobby. Many purchase expensive cards on ebay (only to end up with fakes) or make many other "rookie" mistakes. 

The purpose of this site is to educate those who may be new or returning to the hobby. Learn what to avoid, what cards/brands are the best to invest in or collect each year and which hold the most value. Some of my personal collection will also be available for sale. 

Everything listed on this site is Authentic, Rookie or Autographed and includes many rare, limited edition, short-print and low numbered cards (even some 1 of 1's) that aren't anywhere else. 

We will be covering what releases are a must have for the serious collector, what brands offer the best chance at big hits (like Hit Parade) and not repackaged garbage (like Gold Rush) and some of the others.

So whether you're here to shop or just to read and learn, we welcome you with open arms! Now let's get onto the fun part.. breaking packs and boxes and looking for that big hit to add to your collection.

We will be sharing some of our hits and we want to see yours as well, so add us on Instagram and tag us when you land something you like!